Car Lift

Two Post Car Lift


Capacity4000 Kg
Lifting height»1850mm
Minimum Height110mm
Lifting Time50 Sec
Lowering time40 Sec
Overall Height3605mm
Overall Width3426mm
Passing Width2576mm
Electric motor power2,2 kW
Voltage3ph. 400V trip.+/-5%
Frequency50 Hz

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: Maestro

4 Post Car Lift

Features of 4 Post Car Lift (Fortex):

- Two-layer concealed plate structure, excellent synchronizing performance with the horizontal precision of 1 mm.
- Low profile, runways' min. height is only 150mm.
- Single point Manual release, easy to operate.
- Deployed with rolling jack with small scissor electrical hydraulic lifting and lowering.
- Cylinder located inside of runway, perfectly protected.
- Electric/hydraulic power system.
- Driven by the the hydraulic cylinder, full-scope mechanical safety locking by locking latch, manual lowering.
- Great lifting power and excellent adaptability.
- Heavy-duty equalizer cables with oversized cable sheaves.
- The cable rupture safety system effectively protects a vehicle from overturning.
- Four connected steel cables force synchronized movement of the lift, effectively prevent vehicles from sloping.
- Applicable for vehicles with different wheelbase.
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: Fortex
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